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Author Charmaine Gordon

Too cold here in NY but who is complaining. I am, for one. I miss the ease into each season and now it’s an inundation of frosty days and a touch of snow. Enough with the whining. I’m happy to be alive enjoying life, family and friends. And the wonders of writing.  Today I move along with Help Wanted. Book 3 in the River’s Edge Series. Last week  Sally spoke up for herself when Jerry Adams refused to see her. My heroine is spreading her wings or trying to. What happens next in the Atwood household? Read on. It’s the following morning.

excerpt in eight:

6 a.m Lunch box filled and ready to go, Steve sat eating scrambled eggs and toast as he thought about no apple dumplings in months when Sally seduced him with food so they’d check out River’s Edge, a small town she’d read about.   One…

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Évora – History, Bones and Gastronomy

Mr Kev's Stupid Adventures

The end of my first full month in Portugal had arrived and with it, my first pay cheque. Time then, for an adventure. One of the great things about living in the heart of Lisbon, is that it’s so very easy to get out of the city, via one of its many transport hubs. Thanks to some of the spending that went on in the 2000’s, the Portuguese rail network is a fast, clean and broadly efficient one, meaning that the 100 or so kilometres to Évora is quickly and easily traversed in no small degree of comfort and, all importantly, at very little cost.

Something terribly exciting about that is that this presented me with my first opportunity to cross the Tejo on the mighty 25th April bridge. Sadly, many of the photos didn’t come out as well as they might have, due to the huge girders that make…

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Tablet Sales Growth Plummets In 2014 As Android Smartphones Continue To Soar: Gartner


As Apple gears up to unveil what many believe will be its latest iPad tablets and Mac computers on Thursday, Gartner has today published figures that underscore the challenge in the market for devices like these against the ineluctable rise of the cheaper, and ultimately more easily replaceable, smartphone. Gartner’s Q3 and annual figures for device sales worldwide — covering smartphones and tablets as well as PCs of all sizes — shows that tablet sales in 2014 will only see 11% growth over last year, compared to growth of 55% the year before. This works out to a projected 229 million tablets selling in 2014, or 9.5% of overall worldwide device sales, which will total 2.4 billion devices for the year, and 2.5 billion in 2015.

The PC, meanwhile, continues its long-term decline: there will be sales of 276 million units in 2014, down from 296 million in 2013.


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Forget LinkedIn, Conspire Analyses Email To Be Your Next Networking Tool


LinkedIn — now with over 300 million users — has become the go-to platform for networking in the business world. Now, a new startup called Conspire is hoping to dig into that marketshare (and mindshare) with a new approach for how to meet people. It taps into your communications platforms — starting first with email and those who use Gmail or Google Apps email — and then uses big data analytics to find the most reliable chain of connections between you and the person you want to meet.

“Reliable” becomes the operative word here: the chain is based not on whom you know, but how well you know them, analysing things like frequency of contact, how recently you have interacted, the response time, and relationship length.

Then, the logic goes, when the chain of introductions get created to connect you through to someone, you are travelling on far more secure footing — with resulting mapped paths marked as…

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