Female orgasm mystery solved: Scientists discover why women experience orgasm

Salahuddin Ahmed's Blog

Salahuddin Ahmed

Scientists have finally solved the age-long mystery behind female sexual pleasure. Thanks to monkeys, they discovered that the female orgasm once played a part in inducing ovulation.

For decades, scientists have wondered why exactly women orgasm, since it plays no part in reproduction and is practically unnecessary, unlike in numerous animals.

The secret lies in ovulation, the process that prompts ovaries to release eggs for reproduction. In some species, like rabbits and cats, physical stimulation is needed to cause the egg to be discharged – an occurrence known as induced ovulation. But in humans, ovulation occurs spontaneously (without stimulation), often on a regular schedule. And not only can women come to orgasm without penetration, but a recent survey of more than 1,000 women suggests that many – about 61.6% of heterosexual women – do not orgasm during copulation at all. Nor is female orgasm linked with a higher…

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