Bottle Found in France!


Yes indeed, one of the bottles I tossed in Staten Island made it all the way across the Atlantic.

I honestly don’t know what’s more surprising – that it made it to Europe, or being that it was tossed from Staten Island that it wasn’t pulled by the currents right to Italy. (For French readers, that was a cheap joke about the number of Italians in Staten Island. But I am from New Jersey and allowed to make such cheap jokes.)

Here is where it was found, north of Bordeaux, south of La Rochelle, near Royan. Where, according to Google maps, there is a restaurant called “Face a New York”. Right back atcha, Royan! –




And here are the people who found it, Alain and Brigitte. Look how attractive!


The first email I received was from Brigitte. It is one of the most charming emails I have ever received and…

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