#Boycott South Africa

Zukiswa Wanner

In 2008, I cried. I was at a literary festival in one of the wealthier parts of South Africa when I got a phone call from a South African woman.  She needed a safe place to stay for her and her child.Her neighbours were threatening to kill her for being isfebe to makwerekwere. The woman I am writing about is my aunt. She is not related to me from my South African side of the family. Rather, she is my aunt because she married one of my Zimbabwean uncles. Uncle Ephraim died in the early noughties but his widow was still suffering in 2008 for having married him so many years after he died. Auntie T and her son came to stay with us for a while. During that time, we cursed the idiocy of the man who complained in a news interview that they were killing foreigners (can any…

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