From the perfect child to permanent brain damage: 16 year old Emily’s life wrecked by legal high synthetic cannabis


Emily Emily before and after her episode with synthetic cannabis (Picture: TLC)

At 16-years-old Emily left herself permanently brain damaged after a bad reaction to synthetic cannabis.

The teenager was happy and ‘perfect’, but when her parents started working more and more, she fell in with a bad crowd and it changed her life forever.

‘She was the perfect child. She had her own sense of fashion, always really polite,’ her mum Tonya tells Jodie Marsh on TLC’s Jodie Marsh On…Drugs.

But after becoming hooked on legal highs, Emily learned the hardest lesson of all.

After having a psychotic episode from using synthetic cannabis, the once ‘perfect child’ was left unable to write her name, stand without assistance, bathe or use the bathroom by herself.

Emily and mum Emily (center) with her mum Tonya (right) (Picture: TLC)

‘We were out working and she was home alone way too much,’ mum Tonya explains as to why…

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